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Brian Lineker's recently resprayed Lagoon Green '88 S4
Victorian's Christmas Lunch
What a fabulous day besides the great food and great company it was worth driving the 400kl just to see the fabulous line up of cars out the front of the hotel. To everyone how came and helped to make such a memorable day thankyou, may you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year and many more days like this in your 928 - Brian 83S 88S4
Team 928 wins PCV ShootoutTeam 928 wins PCV Shootout
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Six 928's, four manuals and that was without PINKY! He brought his new, NOTSOPINKY! Also a visit at Frankston from a Red GT owner. - Peter Clark
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Victoria - People and Friends

Autumn Mini Frenzy April '06
It was great to get out in the fresh air with the 928's. Thanks Iain. - Nick McKenna

Autumn Mini Frenzy Pictures by Nick McKenna

Coonawarra Frenzy, Anzac Weekend '05
To all those who came thanks for coming and making this such a great weekend. - Brian '83S .. more

Fox Museum BBQ 17-02-04
All those who attended the PCV BBQ at the Fox Museum had the rare sight of seeing 11 928s arrive there before any other cars. - Roger .. more

Bellarine Frenzy 17th August 2003

Steiglitz Picnic

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Mt Macedon Frenzy 3rd March 2002

mtmc-26.jpg (111496 bytes)

Flemington Show and Shine 11th May 2002
Well we're back home again after an eventful time at the Flemington Races where we met up again with old sharky friends and made some more with newcomers there as well .. more

sns08.jpg (80543 bytes)

Inaugural Melbourne Frenzy 3rd March 2001
Melbourne 928 owners had their own mini Frenzy on Friday night. In response to my posts, many people replied. With the F1 GP on at the moment quite a few said they were busy - but a couple were just raring to go! .. more

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