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Inaugural Melbourne Frenzy
3rd March 2001

Melbourne 928 owners had their own mini Frenzy on Friday night. In response to my posts, many people replied. With the F1 GP on at the moment quite a few said they were busy - but a couple were just raring to go!

So at very short notice (and with apologies to those for whom it was too short) Friday night at Mt Dandenong was organised.

At 8 PM, 9 People and 3 cars turned up. Two '89 S4's and my '80 928. A success!

As the sun set, greetings were exchanged, faces were put to internet names and cars admired aplenty. Then it got cold - very cold. The wind was making ice cubes out of our ears and forced the non drivers back into the warmth of the cars.

Opening the bonnets and standing in front of the engine bays warmed things up and was a good excuse for a gander. Eventually, the absence of our partners and children due to the cold was noted and it was decided to call it an evening.

As the numerous onlookers took in the sight of the three sharks with interest, we waved goodbye and made our respective ways back down the mountain.

The first of many Melbourne Frenzies had come to a close.

We will organise another in the not too distant future, with much more notice and perhaps for a weekend afternoon. Maybe a BBQ and drive at a nice destination? If anyone ever wants to meet up the Mt. again one evening just let me know - its a regular favourite of mine. - Jon Riddett '80 928 Pink 5 Speed.

Hi Rudy here,
It was good to catch up to Jon and Jeff on top of the hill in our mini frenzy with spectacular views.
As was said its good to put faces to names and meet the familys of the guys too. But it was cold as ice up there and couldn't stand around to long but still enjoyed the meet together and next time a few more of the Melbourne Sharkies can come, you know the more the merrier!!!! At least you can't miss Jon's 928 in that pinky colour stands out in a crowd!
- Rudolf van der Sluis

PS - I'd personally like to thank the guys that have put in the effort to get the Landshark site and mail group up and running. You have provided much enjoyment in creating new outlets for our 928 passions - You are creating a phenomenon! - Jon '80 928