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Howdy all,
Well we're back home again after an eventful time at the Flemington Races where we met up again with old sharky friends and made some more with newcomers there as well.

Eleven sharks in all turned up which was a really good showing considering there were about twenty or more 911's and a few 944's and one 904 as well. So we Showed we had a good following of 928's in Melbourne even though there were some that couldn't come.

There were many admirer's of our gleaming machines. Have got to see Troy's racing 928 go, it would be great to watch. The whole family had a good day and was also good to see Des with two 928's the same colour.

O.K. all, see and hear from you again soon! - Rudy 'S4 Melbourne (also with new Model 928S4) PS (Should have been there Skinny Craig and we missed Pinky too!).

Yes, another opportunity to get the sharks together and just stand back and admire them. Any excuse will do.

The Concours was quite rightly won by a magnificent early 911S owned by own of the judges but it showed the standard we have to achieve if we want to rise up the Concours ladder.

I agree with some of the comments about the PCV and 911 owners, however, I hope that the 928 owners introduced themselves to the airheads and commented on their cars, especially the beautiful 904.

It goes both ways. Mike Chapman from the PCV (and others) said that it was the biggest collection of 928s that the club had seen. Well done, guys!

Final comment - we should all be justly proud of our cars and be happy to share our enthusiasm with PCV members, especially those who have the older cars and are just as fanatical as us. The attitude of the PCV is that we all have the same badge on the front of our cars, and all owners are welcome. I give them as much stick as they give me.

A membership application form will be posted on the file section of the landshark site hopefully with the next week and it would be terrific to meet more of the 928 owners already in the club, such as George and John yesterday. - Roger Holding 1986 928S, Geelong.

What a beautiful day and I agree Rudy, catching up with the Melbourne 928 crowd was really good.

Even caught up with new Landshark poster Paul who you may remember has been looking for an S4 - you have got about 5 months Paul! Good luck (and forget that 911 worshipping brother of yours, unless he got some good shark photos!).

The weather was fantastic, the group as usual, fantastic, the 928's looked absolutely fantastic, and the general public seemed quite interested in them.

I know Roger put quite a bit of work into it, well done fella! It was interesting how the judging started off at 1/2 hour for the first car, 22 mins the second etc., until the time ran out and it was "hey, nice looking car, ummm, guess about xx points!" - Des Aldridge.

Many thanks to Paul Pazios for the following Images.

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