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Fox Museum BBQ 17-02-04
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All those who attended the PCV BBQ at the Fox Museum last night had the rare sight of seeing 11 928s arrive there before any other cars.

As the night progressed, further of our number arrived, giving the PCV the wonderful sight of at least fifteen gleaming sharks in one line.

Among the more well-known were Jaime and Jaime, John Pitman, Hamish Carr, Brian and Elaine Chappell, Colin Brice, Iain Polley, Sonny DeCastro, Drew Cossar, Simon Ryan, John Storms and Boy Jessen, Graeme and Sally Addison and a few others not seen before. Glen Smith drove all the way from Warrnambool in his well-used 1980 928S, and Wayne Williamson arrive in his very nice 1986 S3.

All in all, a great display which clearly gave PCV an indication of the popularity of the marque.

Roger Holding
1989 S4 Geelong