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Mt Macedon Frenzy
3rd March 2002

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Stephen & Roger
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Grant & Mike
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About 2 mill bucks worth new
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At Trentham Falls
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Damn it's cold
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Great lunch
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Mike and the Beast
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An accountant with a cool car .. go figure
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Graeme's new purchase
mtmc-06.jpg (55187 bytes)
.. and loving it
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Grant & Greta
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mtmc-29.jpg (52029 bytes)
Mr. 'Touch up Brush' himself
mtmc-37.jpg (61713 bytes)
Wild man Wilder car
mtmc-36.jpg (124339 bytes)
Why did they build rear engine cars anyway?
mtmc-25.jpg (113088 bytes)
Just as good from the rear
mtmc-26.jpg (111496 bytes)
Just look at that view
mtmc-38.jpg (69021 bytes)
Yes mate .. one day you can drive it!