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Third NSW 928 Frenzy - Part Two

As we enter Cooma my eyes are having trouble adjusting to the 60km zone. You all know the feeling. I felt that I could get out and WALK faster! The Cooma constabulary has set up a ‘booze bus’ just out side the centre of town but the only one to get pulled over was Charles who had to stop for fuel, the rest of us sail on by and track purposefully onwards to the Adaminaby turnoff.

I wave on the rest of the group towards Adaminaby as I wait by the intersection for Charles to catch up. Last thing I want is a lost lone Shark. In no time I see the front aspect of a gleaming white S4 streaking towards me. A quick (polite) gesture of the hand and we are back on track.

What a great piece of road this is! I can’t remember the last time I had SO much fun. Oh! yes I can …it was the other day I… I digress… =).  A touch of light rain has us bringing our speed back a little and the original group is no-where to be seen. No way now of catching them up we will see them at the Pub.

Charles and I take the twists and turns of the road to full advantage swapping lead position from time to time. My 16 valve engined shark revelling in the conditions of the damp cool air. Jacky is being a very brave passenger but is starting to squirm JUST a little. Hmmm maybe a four-point harness for the passenger side is NOT such a silly idea AFTER all. <grin> Over the next crest we site Adaminaby and now time for a well earned lunch.

The Adaminaby Pub was a fine choice.

There were some worried looks and laughs all round after a few of us had ordered the trout only to see a crusty old man carrying a couple of expired fish towards the kitchen a few moments later. Lunch was enjoyed by all and the conversation was varied and even included an off the cuff/informal/in-depth analysis with the publican on the problems they will be experiencing in complying with the upcoming ‘Goods and Services Tax’ (GST). I do not envy her at ALL!

Too soon it was time to move on. We quickly decided to take photos of our sharks at Old Adaminaby Town Lake. Hugo was anxious to leave as he was going straight on to Melbourne to meet up with his wife that evening

If you have been to the third frenzy page in the gallery lately and have seen the photos, you know it was a great location.

I had to laugh at the looks on the faces of the folks who were there for a quiet spot of fishing/drinking as eight pristine 928’s rumbled on to the lakes perimeter and lined up single file. Then like a busload of frenzied tourists at a Koala Park we all leaped out of our sharks and proceeded to photograph them from every concievable angle. It was a funny scene.

We said our good-byes to Hugo and headed off towards our last destination for the day, Jindabyne.

Our Sharks now dustier courtesy of the lake dirt tracks. Little did we anticipate just how dusty our 928's were later to become...

....part three