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"tell me more..." Part 4

By Jim Alderson.

...I was able to locate a rebuilt Borg Warner unit for about $1500. With a little bit of machining, Red attached the B/W unit to my existing drive shaft tube. It shifts great! BUT I miss the lower gear ratio of the early transmission.

There is hope for later transmissions! From an article in the March 1999 PCA Porsche Panorama.

"928 Performance Gear installation" describes how a new 1987 S-4 owner wanted more performance and after doing his homework (and talking with Kim Crumb) decided the cheapest route was to have a new ring and pinion 3.09 unit fabricated by Houseman Automotive (tel 519 652-3030) for $2500 U.S.

Then disaster struck again! One day while driving at about 30 MPH the water pump froze! I bent a bunch of valves (but no piston damage). Reflecting back on it, the water pump might have had 20,000 miles on it. Shortly before the incident, after Red had checked my belt tension, he told me words to the effect;

"When I measured the tension, it was a little tight and I left it that way...it should be OK since the belt stretches."

Lesson learned - replacing your water pump and belt tensioners IS cheap insurance. And make sure your belt is tensioned correctly upon installation and again at 5000 miles. Replace it at 40,000.

Both heads were completely refurbished and Red did the rebuild. He also ground "smiles" into the pistons to give the 944 valves additional clearance (and hopefully prevent a third repeat of damaged heads.)

Now the machine runs great. Acceleration between 4000 and the red line at 6000 is amazing! After all we've been through together and a lot of driving fun, I'm not parting with my machine (but I'm always interested in new ways to explore its potential!). - Best wishes, Jim Alderson.