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"tell me more..."

By Jim Alderson.

>Dear Leonard,
> Great to hear from down under.
> This e-mail is in reply to your request to
> "tell me more."

My 1979 machine is white with tan interior. It is in very good shape and been garaged all it's life. I purchased it in January 1988. Except for the additions of a front spoiler and an S-4 rear spoiler, the car looks stock. The odometer reads 145,000 miles.

I guess I got the bug to really improve my stock machine in 1988 when I was at a PCA event at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I was going about 125 MPH and was passed by a 944 Turbo going about 140 on one of the very steep curves.

When I lived in England for 3 years, I shared many wonderful meetings with fellow travelling men. And before that, I had the opportunity to stay in your part of the world with the family of the exchange student my parents had hosted for a year. I feel I have an obligation to return some of the wonderful hospitality I received along the way. If my response is too long, I apologise. As a 24 year member of Porsche Club of America (PCA) I know how important it is to talk with fellow Porsche buffs and more specifically 928 enthusiasts...I feel that I should take the time to tell you about what I've done in my 11 years of 928 ownership. (I still own my first car, a 1970 914 I purchased in 1971 at the beginning of my senior year in college. Now it is a 2.0 with very little 'stock' about it either.) I know how I've felt along the way...at every PCA meeting I used to latch on to the 'experts' in the hope that I'd glean some new insight into how I could and eventually would improve my Porsche.

First, I need to give credit to the one person who was my sounding board and source for many upgrade ideas to my machine. Red McClintock, owner of Porsche Service, Berkeley, California was my 928 guru. He was one of the few people in 1988 who focused exclusively on improving the 928 engine. When I first started 'hot rodding' my machine (at least that's what the local Porsche dealer's parts expert called it) I was living in the Washington, D.C. area, 2800 miles east of Berkeley, California. For five years I worked with Red McClintock by letter and by long distance telephone. I did not meet him in person until 1992 when I moved to California. 'Red' also worked closely with the folks who started DEVEK. He told me along the way that my 928 was his favourite car.

This is probably true for two reasons:

I'd research what improvements I wanted to do and then asked for his advice (and then I usually followed his advice);


... he did a lot of work on my machine.

Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack about three years ago.

My 928's street wheels are the flat stock 7X16s with BFG Comp TA ZR 225/50/16s. My track wheels are three piece Epsilons: 8X16 w/ BFG ZR 225/50/16s front and 9X16 w/245/45/16s rear. (I haven't done track or autocross events for several years...There are much better 17" wheel/tire set ups available now.) I upgraded the brakes and front struts to S-4 equipment several years ago but haven't gotten around to installing longer wheel lugs in the front hubs so that with spacers, my Epsilons will fit without touching the larger S-4 brakes. The S-4 rear brakes fit on the original axle with a spacer to line up the calliper with the rotor. The S-4 brakes are a BIG improvement over the original ones.

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