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"tell me more..." Part 2

By Jim Alderson.

...I used Eibach springs over Konis for the front suspension and the old front springs over Konis for the rear suspension. (If I remember correctly, Kim John Crumb, PCA's 928 Tech expert recommended this...he may have an even better solution now.) I have a DEVEK front sway bar and have disconnected the rear sway bar. Red recommended that with higher horse power 928s using a big front sway bar (such as the Devek), no rear sway should be needed on the track. [Additionally, for the best autocross and track lap times, he recommended that the rear axle should be pinned...but you lose the benefit of the Weissach axle which allows you to be a less precise driver without getting in trouble.

With a pinned axle, one must always use power during turns. Pinning involves drilling two holes and inserting a bolt into the axle on each side of the car. (I have not tried this but mention the idea as food for thought.)

The first step to increasing the output of my (219 HP stock) CIS engine was to improve it's 'breathing.' I could have gone through the expensive process of installing bigger valves and bench flowing the existing heads. Or do what Red suggested...put 944 heads on my 928 block.

(Porsche had already gone through the trouble of trying to squeeze all the HP it could out of the 944 engine's four cylinders).

The 944 heads fit right on! The only custom work required is to fabricate two metal plates to act as plugs for one coolant hose port on each head. Even the original 928 bridge for the coolant between the two heads bolts right on. Red found two used 944 heads for me, had a complete valve job and guides done on both and installed stiffer-than-stock valve springs. He cautioned me that I needed to carefully follow the latest Porsche Repair Manual instructions on tightening the heads and to use YAMABOND (Yamaha motorcycle) gasket cement and an OEM gasket.

In 1988/9, there was a very limited selection of after market cams for the 928. Red suggested Dial-in-Cams and Dial-in-Cam sprockets. I ordered same from California and installed the 944 heads on my engine along with headers.

I also had to change out 2 sprockets because we upgraded to the newer cam belt pattern.

I was still using the original (small U.S.) plenum and intake runners, but the new heads had larger intake ports than the early 4.5 heads. I had Al Collins of Autothority, Fairfax, Virginia grind out the original runners to fit the larger ports.

This is not an optimal solution. The Euro S runners or the even larger runners now on the market are the better solution. I upgraded to the Euro S plenum & runners and the Euro S distributor when I moved to England in 1989...Later I also wrapped the headers to keep exhaust gas temperatures up & improve the exhaust flow.

If I were buying cams for two valve heads today I'd probably buy DEVEK's ...they are ground from new cam billets which were obtained from Porsche's original supplier.

One of the most important things I did early on was to install a six-point harness. It makes the driver a part of the machine so you can concentrate on driving without being distracted by trying to hold on to your machine. I had a custom harness fabricated which attaches to two 'eye' bolts welded to the floor by the tool panel in the rear of the car (there is an easier solution available now--a bracket which bolts to the shock tower). One of the nicest things I've done of late is to install a 930 steering wheel...It feels great! Alan Johnson Racing sells them for non-airbag 928s for about $300 U.S. It is an easy upgrade.

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