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Auto trans removal

I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of it here

This is just a quick explanation. Removal of the auto isn't that bad....

You're going to have to drop the whole rear suspension on the ground and get it out from under the car, while holding up the auto/torque tube for separate removal.

  • Jack up car on to stands, remove rear wheels.

  • Support bell-housing with block of wood or jack.

  • Drain torque converter & transmission pan, remove trans fluid hoses.

  • Remove exhaust system.

  • Remove exhaust heat shields.

  • Remove both front and back torque tube support plates.

  • Disconnect hand brake cable from hand brake lever.

  • Remove brake callipers and tie up out of road.

  • Support (jack) auto trans, loosen/remove trans mount bolts, lift auto about 2 cm.

  • Tie up trans onto sway bar with chain or as I used, a modified seatbelt.

  • Unbolt the CV joints - 6 bolts either side, then cover CV joint with a garbage bag or the like.

  • Now lower jack and place under cross-member.

  • Remove nuts from top of shocks (6)

  • Remove the cross-member bolts (6)

  • Remove bolts from trailing arms (front)

  • Lower rear end onto ground, hand brake cable will be withdrawn from cable tube.

  • Drag rear end out from under car - carefully

  • Now jack under trans, lift a bit, remove tie up.

  • Lower trans a couple of inches, disconnect shifter cable, kick-down cable, wiring.

  • Lower trans and torque tube and withdraw from under car.

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