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928 Media Files

Bathurst Run
Bathurst Run WMV (~30 megs) To save, right click and select save target/link as.
Len, Des and Rick take a casual lap around
the Bathurst Mountain track. November '03
Also available on You Tube CLICK HERE

25th Anniversary Videos

Gary attempts to clean his car with a little help from Zacson.
(353Kb wmv file)

No other car sounds this good!
.. but I could be biased!
(1345Kb wmv file)
CLICK HERE to play or RIGHT CLICK and 'save target as' to save
The 'gang' at the 12 Apostles.
We took the Great Ocean Road and here is part of that trip, with a little help from Tom Petty's great music!
(4.5Mb wmv file)
We patiently wait for the arrival of the famous Port Fairy Mutton Birds
(696Kb wmv file)
Sharky Bye
Departing Adelaide I wave a fond farewell with my new shark.
(507Kb wmv file)


Aranka at Wakefield Park - PCC Supersprint Day - 210KB - Real Media File The Original Porsche 928 TVC - 1622KB - Real Media File
Troy's 928 at Calder
by Des Aldridge
(avi file)
by Stu
(real media file)
Porsche 928 TVC
(real media file)
Frenzy Two 928 Drive by - Leaving Berrima - 348KB - Real Media File 928 Rear Muffler Bypass - 357KB - Real Media File Glenn and Peter Wakefield Park - PCC Supersprint day - 300KB - Real Media File
Frenzy drive by
by Stu
(real media file)
by lz
(real media file)
Glenn and Peter
by Stu
(real media file)
Jon Riddett's Melbourne Frenzy - 368KB - Real Media File Otto Mellar's 928 Photo shoot - 916KB - Real Media File Christian Moller's Frenzy 9 - 3083KB - Real Media File
Melbourne Frenzy
by Jon Riddett
(real media file)
Otto's Photo shoot
by lz
(real media file)
Frenzy 9
by Christian Moller
(real media file)
Right mouse click on the icon to save this wav file
Right mouse click on the icon to save this wav file
Right mouse click on the icon to save this wav file
Rear Muffler Bypass
by lz (wav file)
TC - T.I.N.S.
(wav file)
928 Start
by lz (wav file)
Stu's Day Out - 973KB - Real Media File Chuck's favourite road trick - 551KB - Real Media File
Stu's day out
by Stu
(real media file)
Chuck trick
by Stu
(real media file)
McQuarie Pass,
(2910Kb wmv file)

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928 Australia 2011 Updated March 2011