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Porsche Club of Queensland Concours - October 2008

Images courtesy of Peter Buttery and John Cumming.

1st in 77-86 Section
Peter’s '86 S3, Crystal Green Metallic

Garth’s Purple '86 S2
Reporter with Julie and Mark, 2nd in the 87-95 Section
Chris’s White '86 S2
Terry's Prussian Blue '85 S2
Peter’s winning '86 S3
1977-1986 Section line-up
German Porsche employee with 1977-1986 winner. She loved the 928s and took lots of photos to show her colleagues back home. She even admitted to driving the Panamera but was bound by a secrecy contract – she did say it was a beautiful car to drive.
Read the poster! Scores of people stopped to enjoy the Jeremy Clarkson quotes and many took a photo of them.
Peter, 1st place for 77-86
Cec, 2nd place for 77-86
Barry, 1st place for 1987-1995

John Cumming's reaction to PeterB's photography subjects.

Barry's GTS

Barry's GTS

928 Australia 2012