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Who Drives 928's?
by Eddy Sain

This is the "Customer Profiles" that Porsche consider is the 928 owner.
95% of the owners are male, which is higher than the rest of the Porsche range. ( yes I fit but I am greater than 95% male .. lots more ). 928 owners usually run 2 or three other vehicles as well ( do they have to?, is it like Jag, to tell people you got money buy a Jag to prove you have money, drive one, yes I have a shed full and when I bought my first about 8 more)

The average age if the driver is between 45 and 50. Making it the oldest Porsche owning group. ( I must have old blood as I started a lot earlier). Self-employed businessmen account for 55% of all 928 owners, the largest individual group, followed by freelance at 26%. ( Yep I fit anything but share it with my partner the Government, God he is bad with money)

The most frequent reasons stated for buying a Porsche 928 are:

  • Power output/speed (yep but need more)

  • Brand loyalty ( not really they will all take your money)

  • Quality / Durability ( yes)

  • Styling (yes definitely)

  • Safety - a purchase motive mentioned usually often in connection with the 928 more often than other Porsche models (nice box to be wrapped in).

Regards, Eddy Sain