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The Inaugural NSW 928 Frenzy 2nd May 1999 ...Part 2

Next stop Marulan

We settled back into our leather seats and fired up our engines. Driving past our initial contact point in Berrima (the Surveyor General Hotel) there in the car park we saw two more 928’s, those of Stuart Greaves and David Hammond. They had arrived after staying locally overnight and were just tucking into their breakfast. They hadn’t seen us as they drove in and had assumed we hadn’t arrived. Chuckle!

After this greeting, we happy and sated band of four from Sydney drove on to our next rendezvous point where we would meet up with Peter and Robyn Mathew our Hosts for the day.

I was buoyed by the fact that from the potential of twelve owners we still ended up with seven, plus Graham and Gail Bates in the Holden One Tonne Ute (his 928 was still in need of repairs).

This is what I had in mind for such a long time! There we were, four gleaming 928’s tracking purposefully along the highway. No one would dare get in the way. Our quest? ...to meet up with yet more sharks….

Yes! ...This was our Frenzy!

So after a brisk drive along the concrete lanes of the Hume Highway, we cruised into Marulan and pulled into the carpark of the fast food outlet at the BP service station. There waiting for us was Peter, his son and a friend. In no time flat we had seven marvellous 928’s gleaming in the sunlight of a gorgeous Sunday morning.

After introductions all round and a quick inspection of each other's cars (while the ladies grouped together and talked about their partners mad hobby..j/k) it was yet again time to fire up the Sharks and head off to the next destination. Seven shapely 928’s smartly drove out of Marulan back onto the Hume.

For all you people involved in Frenzies in the States it’s a sight I’m sure you’re all used to seeing. For me it was a huge thrill to see this many sharks in one place together in a convoy. A collection of splendid German machinery doing exactly as was intended, giving enjoyment to driver and observer alike.

Country Folk

The turn off to Peter’s farm (our intended meeting place) came up quickly. A quick left turn followed by a right placed us on a two lane bitumen road. For the next 21 kilometres seven 928’s streaked and darted along this tight twisty road till we came to a Junction

The final hurdle; 2 kilometres of gravel track to the farm. What started out as seven gleaming Porsches turned to seven dust laden hulks (slight exaggeration) as we carefully and slowly negotiated the track so as not to ruin our chin spoilers (we didn't)


Thanks to Peter and Robyn, the Frenzy turned out to be a great success. The location was marvellous and the day sunny and warm. The BBQ was ignited and much food and (some) drink was consumed. There was great conversation and new friendships were also made. Bruce captivated us all with the absolute enthusiasm he showed for the 928 and his extended knowledge of the marque. Let’s hope he can make it to some more frenzies.

The day went far too quickly and in no time flat it was time for a number of people to make their way home. That meant a quick set up for the photo shoot. I hurriedly found a location that would show off the seven cars in a uniquely Australian background (this wasn’t too difficult at all). Gums trees abound in the distance.

Soon all seven were lined up and the photography began. As you can see in the gallery we proudly stood by our German engineered marvels.

The day was a hit!

We had achieved our first New South Wales 928 Frenzy. The best part? Not one 911 in sight! Chuckle! Thanks go out to a number of people, you all know who you are! =)

I would like to thank all those who attended to make this a memorable experience we hope to achieve again in the not too distant future.

  • Robyn and Peter Mathews

  • Jenny and Stuart Greaves

  • Leonie and Cec Hayes

  • Bob Havard and Helen

  • Wendy and David Hammond

  • Chris and Bruce Buchanan

  • Gail and Graham Bates

and last but not by ANY means least

  • Jacky Walker (my long suffering and patient wife)


Leonard Zech,  Webmaster, Frenzy Coordinator, List Moderator and  Landshark Pilot

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