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Original Price Lists

I started cleaning up and re-sorting (yet again) my assortment of brochures price lists, colour charts and factory dealer literature etc. etc. and I came across a price list for the Porsche range commencing August 1988 (for 1989 model year) and I thought a few people would be interested in what the cars and various options cost at the time. 

The new 928 S4 cost $200,629.00  (The manual or auto were the same price).

There is a long list of standard features like Alarm, rear A/c unit, Roof mounted antenna with improved sound system, memory drivers seat etc. etc. 

The bit I find interesting are the optional extras and the costs.

Optional equipment:

Styling/Cosmetic Retail

  • Metallic Paint $2,298.00

  • Paint colour to sample (special colour) $4,435.00

  • Leather interior with leatherette belt (partial leather) $3,231.00

  • Leather interior (full) $8,045.00 

  • Leather interior to colour sample (special) $10,596.00

  • 347 Platinum finish on forged alloy rims No charge

  • 980 "Soft Look" leather seats (only with all leather seats $936.00


  • 249 Auto Transmission No Charge

  • 513 Lumbar Support (driver's seat) $1159.00

  • 537 Seat position memory system (left) $1589.00

  • 586 Lumbar Support (passenger's seat) $1159.00

  • 650 Electric sunroof $3315.00


  • 220 Limited slip diff ( no extra cost for manual transmission) $1830.00

  • 383 Sports seat (passenger) electrical height adjustment only No Charge

  • 387 Sports seat (driver) electrical height adjustment only No Charge

  • 474 Sports Shocks (no extra cost for manual transmission) $715.00

With some of those prices you could have someone hand rear your leather (and get a BBQ), excavate the pigments and hand mix the paint, build a locking diff with (custom gear ratio), and cut a big hole in the roof.

I thought it was interesting I have some earlier and later prices somewhere too I'll post them as I come across them.

Hell those manual gear boxes must be cheap as look at all the sports gear you can get for nothing!

By the way the dearest 911 at the time was the Cabriolet at $191,262.00 the others varied from $124,208.00 (Speedster) to $176,759.00 (Targa) the Coupe was $170,913.00 and the 911 Sport was $151,504.00.

As the cars progressed they got nearer and nearer to a standard specification with less options, in the GTS there were very few options ( most were standard in Aust) Sun roof ( I'm reasonably sure standard for Aust cars unless deleted), two options for CD, radio, CD stacker and the telephone (probably not for Aust)

Hope you find it interesting. - Regards, Eddy Sain