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Torque Tube Coupling

The coupling point is between the Torque tube and the Transmission.

This applies to both manual and automatic transmissions. From 1984, when the four-speed automatic transmission was introduced, there was a change. Whereas on the three-speed auto a male shaft came out o the trans/ torque converter housing area and connected to the torque tube shaft via a sliding sleeve, very similar to the sliding sleeve on the manual cars at the clutch end Ö on the four-speed itís a female shaft and no sliding sleeve. This has the usual clamp around it, and itís just one hex bolt.

Again, if the car is driven hard (e.g. fast acceleration), the bolt in this case will stretch ever so slightly causing less clamping force, which causes the spline inner and outer to chatter and move. This in turn will allow the torque tube shaft to move slightly forward and more importantly, will eventually either damage the spline on the torque tube shaft and/or crack and break the hollow female shaft coming out of the transmission. (both manual and auto).

This is expensive and avoidable Ė I advise you to get it checked.

Regards, Bruce Buchanan

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