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Spam from the landsharkoz.com domain?

If you receive email that appears to come from the domain landsharkoz.com, the email may not have come from me. As you may or may not know, it's all too easy to use email software and make it appear as if an email message arrives from any email address.

Spammers often send out email that uses an apparent return address with many different domain names. This is a common occurrence with ALL domain names.

  • I am the sole authorized user of the domain landsharkoz.com.

  • I do not send out any spam. Never have. Never will.

  • No unsolicited email is ever sent out (on purpose) from this domain.

I've also received email apparently from my own domain, with subject lines such as: Let's get together, Re:, and Regarding from users, and that usually contain a virus.

These are not valid emails from landsharkoz.com

You should disregard any email from landsharkoz.com that contains an attachment as it most likely to be a virus, or an unsolicited commercial query. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause but sadly it's a fact of Internet life.

Kind regards, Leonard Zech, Website Coordinator.


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