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Bellarine Frenzy
17th August 2003

Up early, eagerly anticipating a school of sharks circling the local roads.

Smiddy arrives an hour early from Portland saying he couldn't sleep and just got in his car and drove for three hours to Geelong.

Smiddy and I talked about our cars for the next hour or so (naturally) and took off for the Geelong waterfront with Deb and kids actually ready on time!!

There were already four sharks waiting (Colin Brice, Brian and Elaine Chappell, new boy Hamish Carr with lovely RED 89 S4, and Ross Kroger, local 928 owner ('81S, very original) who has yet to join us on a run.

Des mentioned that he would take a slight detour off the boring Geelong freeway to the Little River exit and step up the pace a tad, so to speak. The Melb crew arrived and lined up with the Geelong mob, displaying 15 928s, a BMW M3 and Pinky's Z3. Biggest collection of 928s seen in Victoria, we believe.

Keeping the group together through the traffic of Sunday morning Geelong proved a little difficult, but we re-grouped just after the Barwon Heads turn-off. Again, traffic kept us to a leisurely pace, but just past Ocean Grove, we were able to reach reasonable speeds.

Crossed over the Bellarine Highway to the Portarlington Road, where the lack of traffic gave us at least a chance to give our machines their heads.

With the skyline of Melbourne and the You Yangs on the right over Corio Bay and the lovely beachfront homes of Indented Head and Portarlington on the left, we cruised onto the Bellarine Estate Winery restaurant. What an awesome sight in the rear-view mirror with fourteen 928s stretched out behind!!

Great food and wine at the restaurant, steaks a specialty with local superb wines with the 928s lined up outside the window.

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Not losing Smiddy!

Gary Fyfe's very sleek 928 - makes later models look clumsy;

The Melb crew rumbling into the carpark at Geelong with the palm trees and foreshore in the background;

John Pitman's WHITE 928 - what a car!

Roger Dench's gleaming BLACK S4 with multiple repairs and VERY clean engine bay:

Rick Heaney's face when driving John Storm's GTS; John Storms' enthusiastic report of Rick's S3 (what a great car!)

New "members" - Hamish and Leah Carr who had a great day away from the kids;

My son James' face when riding top down in Pink's Z3 (thanks Jon)

Des and Judi's continual enthusiasm on frenzies;

KOJO in profile when leaving the restaurant ('85 S with cups)

Colin Brice's early 928S with phone dial wheels and ants nest!

The always great look of John Storms' Red GTS

Jeff Vassallo's Red S4 (lots of RED ones these days)

All in all, a very casual and great way to spend Sunday afternoon, with members leaving after lunch for shopping at Portarlington, more wineries or just cruising back to Melbourne. Smiddy arrived home safely, so all's right with the landshark world!! - Roger Holding, 1986 928S, Geelong