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928-horsepower.jpg (89156 bytes)Coonawarra Frenzy
When I posted in March I never thought much would come of it. Following the trip to Melbourne for the 2nd Tuesday night meeting to promote the idea and a total of seven 928's are doing Portland, Mt Gambier, and Coonawarra over Anzac long weekend. What a great time over the three days the most fun I have had in living memory coupled with some great photos and a boot full of the local thirst quencher.

To all those who came thanks for coming and making this such a great weekend. Brian 83s (still purring from the Italian tune up).

03-spot-the-2nd-hand-door.jpg (118019 bytes) 04-coffee-in-port.jpg (56723 bytes) 05-why-did-the-swimmers-go.jpg (71963 bytes)
06-the-boys.jpg (78227 bytes) 07-some-of-the-gang.jpg (107549 bytes) 08-who-got-a-camera-for-xma.jpg (103578 bytes)
l-r, Nick, Iain, Creagh,
Des and BrianL.
l-r, Iain, Jaime2, Jaime1,
Elaine. Back to Camera,
Jan, BrianL and Des.
l-r, Sandra, Chris,
Creagh, Jaime1,
BrianC and BrianL.
09-mt.gambier-sights.jpg (79705 bytes) 10-sharks-in-mt.gambier.jpg (75579 bytes) 11-oh-what-a-feeling.jpg (91985 bytes)
l-r, Judi, Elaine
and Sandra.
l-r, BrianL, Sandra,
Elaine, Nick and Iain.
12-his-best-view.jpg (80313 bytes) 13-view-from-up-there.jpg (87876 bytes) 18-mr-cool.jpg (72380 bytes)
Jaime and Creagh
l-r, BrianC, Nick
and BrianL.
19-mr-cool-2.jpg (58702 bytes) 21-majesty-and-art.jpg (77826 bytes) 20-all-these-wineries.jpg (53171 bytes)
l-r, Nick, Sandra Jaime,
Creagh Des and Elaine.