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South Australian Chapter

A Trio of 928 Outlaws

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PCSA Mannum Run

The PCSA had a great run from Chateau Moteur (local Porsche Centre) up to Mannum on the River Murray
for a picnic. It was pleasing to see (thanks to Ron's energy) that the majority of cars were 928s.

Whilst we sat eat'n and drink'n on the river bank, bathed in beautiful sunshine, a very large paddle boat moored right near us. We were approached by a couple and the fellow asked if there were any Landsharkoz participants present, (having noticed a row of Porsches).

Oh yes, says I, a few of them. Hi I'm John Browne from Melbourne! What a small world and such a nice feeling to share the camaraderie that the marque fosters and great to be able to say 'see you in Halls Gap later this year. - Mike Kelly '94 GTS Adelaide

I know there are a couple more 928 owners in Adelaide which monitor this list, you should make the effort to come along there's nothing like 10 or more 928s winding through the Adelaide hills. Kieren get your car fixed and come along on the next one. - Ron, 928 Outlaw

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