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Inaugural Adelaide 928 Frenzy
22nd July 2001

Well done Ron for getting all of us off our A's and finally meeting we will definitely be doing it again. Further it might also be a good idea to get together somewhere central for a cup of coffee and a perv on the cars.

There was a great variety of cars with no two the same colour, with all the cars that initially met at Eagle on the Hill we probably had a pretty good representation of all the model years (or darn close anyway).

All the owners had gone to some effort to display the cars to their best advantage and it was good to finally put faces to the people we had communicated so many times on the internet.

To all that attended thanks for your effort in attending and it was great to finally meet you all.

Eddy '91 S4

I must say a great big ‘thank you’ to Ron Lauer for all his effort and encouragement that resulted in 10, 928s meeting at ‘The Eagle’ and I don’t think there were 2 the same colour.

Sadly 2 cars couldn’t do the complete run due to other commitments but to see eight beautiful sharks snaking up the Sedan escarpment, slithering through the stunning southern Barossa Valley, was breathtaking.

One poor little Datsun 120Y (I think), must still be in shock as the V8s growled past him at 110kph, not to mention the two young lads outside a farm house, eyes bulging, mouths open. Reminds me of my first shark sighting in 1979!

Alan Robson gets the ‘wheelie award’ for his departure from the meeting sight. That’s one mean sounding S4 and it’s for sale!

Mike '81S & '94GTS

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Pack of sharks moving in for a meal
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