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Toowoomba Frenzy '05

Another great Frenzy. Five sharks in all. First stop Picnic Point, Toowoomba and coffee with great views. Then on to Hampton. Ted and Jas noticed some smoke coming from under their car and I managed to drive over a fallen guide post all in the space of about 30 secs but luckily all was OK so we were soon under way again. The Ravensbourne National Park was very pleasant.

We caught up with a Ulysses MC group for the second time. A bit of ducking and weaving we finally arrived at Esk.

Following lunch a little spirited driving on the way to Mt. Glorious. Windy roads with good forward vision, real shark country. From there on, just some pleasant cruising down the mountain and all the way to Carindale with Phil riding shotgun, (thanks again Phil).

A great day, great company, just watching other 928's on the road is great, IT'S ALL GREAT! Safe driving all 928ers and long live the legend! - Peter C. '81 S

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This Frenzy was great as usual, thanks Peter for the arranging.
A leisurely run to Toowoomba with Jasmin and I in the lead at a relaxed pace.

Peter C. experienced some fuel delivery problems which forced a couple of short stops and we had some smoke from under the shark on stopping after some hard work. It turned out to be the dreaded engine oil leaks depositing oil on the exhaust which was burning off when hot - nothing to worry about and have plans to fix the oil leaks soon! - Ted Smith Jasmin's '89 S4