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'Skinny' Craig Hughes

It's 'bout time I posted some pics of my 'old bugger'. Hi to all in Melbourne and Geelong! Especially 'Pinky' Jon, Rudy (the hoon), Rix-928: the monster, Rog928, Des and Brian.

Hope all is well and you're driving the buggers!

A couple of images from last year when Mike Kelly came to Melbourne. Grey S4 - Rudy the hoon, Red 4.5 - mine, Mikes GTS (or God) and 'Pinky' Jon's 4.5.

A good mix. The beginnings of the legend to the end .. the cars not us. OK .. Rudy's a legend!

Come on over anytime. Cheers all and safe driving.

Skinny Craig
in the lovely Adelaide Hills.

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