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Caption Competition

The image taken while returning from the recent '04 Coffs Frenzy. Our bikie friends were very impressed with Shane and Len's 928s'

Send me your best/funniest caption to webmaster AT landsharkoz DOT com

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  • "Aww, come on fellas get these handcuffs off me and I'll show it's not a secret Porsche prototype but a '95 GTS 928!"

Dave O

  • "... and you say you didn't know we now use unmarked patrol bikes, Sir?"


  • "Really? You can have leather upholstery without having to wear it?."


  • "These seats fit nice and snug"


  • "It look comfortable enough, but can you stand it up on the back wheels?"

  • "Hmmm... Twice as many wheels, twice as many cylinders, and twice as many seats. It does make some kind of sense I guess."


  • Eddie, Warren and Dazza suspect Mungo's mullet has scurried into an idle Shark, but it is actually LURKING in the back of Mungo's leather jacket! "Hey - I'm sure it wriggled down here when the door opened"


  • "Let's see, four wheels, seats four and beat me up here! Damn I've got to get me one of these!"


  • "Hey, look at that, they wrote 'Porsche' on the bottom of the trough."


  • "Fair go mate, if you are gonna stay in front, ...don't break wind.. OK?"


  • "Mate, the speedo on the bike was reading 250km/h - and this thing went past me!"

  • "Look, the speedo in this goes to 300km/h and the air conditioning button is still on!"

  • "Crikey, is that a half empty cafe latte next to the gear lever there?"


  • "We are not worthy!"


  • "Can I have a Go , Mr?"


  • "Your shark just swallowed my bike.... Sir..."


  • "D'you reckon that we can get Yamaha to put one of these in its next "Dreams" ad?"


  • "I dunno mate, last time I looked it was bloody there!"


  • "No, he's not p**ing in the shark!"