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Dyno Day Results


Robin was first to arrive at 7:30 am and started setting up the coffee/drinks/nibbles while APC set his car up on the dyno. 

It took a little while to get the settings right but made things easier for the 928 onslaught that was to come! Fred and Dean were early arrivals. By 8:45 it was clearly 'action stations'. The day's results are in the table below.

Name Car Engine
Power Kw
Chuck 81 Red 4.5ltr 5 Man 176 154.1
Phil Chadwick 85 White 4.7ltr 5 Man 228 205.2
James Dick 86 Burgundy 5ltr 4 Auto 212 157.4
Peter Werba 86 Red 5ltr 4 Auto 212 177.3
Fred Burnham 87 Red 5ltr 4 Auto 221 170.3
Robin Gray 87 Venice Blue 5ltr 4 Auto 221 165.3
Dean Edwards 88 Red 5ltr 4 Auto 221 185
Anthony Snyders 89 Dark Blue 5ltr 4 Auto 235 191.9
John Cummings 89 Silver 5ltr 4 Auto 235 195
Ray Barton 90 Black 5ltr 4 Auto 235 186.5
John Gill  91 Black GT 5ltr 5 Man 242 199

Rob Gray 86 Silver (944) 2.5ltr Turbo   160.6
Joe Martens 86 Black (944) 2.5ltr 5 Man   85.6
Dave Braiso 72 Silver (911) 2.7ltr 5 Man   117.8

It was an interesting session with surprises all round. Congratulations Phil (all this from an 85 4.7ltr).

John Cummings was crying foul at John Gill's 91 GT (why weren't we told?).

Robin and Dean's excuse was 'they're running very lean'. Fred is looking into a new exhaust system with cross-over to obtain more power but his new 18" wheels and tyres were much admired. 

Anthony was the surprise attendee of the day with his new Victorian purchase (hope to see you at the next club meeting Anthony).

Chuck didn't achieve full power due to his supercharger belt slipping. The difference between the two 86's was Peter's late night 'Italian tune-up' (next time Robin and James will join you Peter!).

Many thanks for your support. Due to the number of attendees we have a $50 surplus .... this will be used somehow at the next QLD 928 Frenzy. -  Robin Gray '87 S4

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