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East-side Porsche Repairers

Martin Thorn ... I am from Bondi, which is a bit of a pest, as all the good repairers are far away.

From: Glenn Evans
I had my alternator rebuilt a year ago by Compton Auto Electric

248 Railway Parade, Kogarah. I went there because they were the approved installers for my immobiliser, which was fried when the alternator carked it.

The job cost about $400. After that, the low voltage light came on intermittently. I took it back and they found that there was excessive voltage drop in the 'cables and earth point' - another $65 for labour and parts (I also bought a higher capacity battery on their recommendation). 

I have had no hint of a problem since.

Glenn Evans, '80 928 Petrolblaumetallic 'S' look - 5 speed!

From: Stuart Greaves
Martin, everyone,

I recently had my alternator replaced. Bits for alternators, particularly the yukky Paris-Rhone French one fitted to my 1984 car can be more expensive than a whole new one! Would you belive $800+ just for a replacement diode-set? Bruce B (see below) bought me a brand new, higher-capacity Bosch unit and I had change from $400. He had to fabricate a bracket, but it's a work of art down there - all primed and painted.

If it's gone so far that the bearings are shot, I'm sure you'll find that an appropriate replacement unit is a cheaper, more dependable long-term option. (928s had I believe had at least 3 suppliers of alternators, and phased out the French stuff in the mid 80s)

Stuart Greaves, '84 928S