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Lorne Run was Great!
21st October 2001

Hi Sharksters,

leavg.jpg (25103 bytes)What a day the Lorne run turned out to be. It was too much fun and too paced to stop for many photos.

After getting held up on the way to Geelong by the Round the Bay Bicycle Ride I met with Roger Holding in Geelong and we made our way out to Waurn Ponds.

convoy.jpg (35442 bytes)There must have been 5000 plus cyclists and it really made the narrow lanes of the Roadwork infested Princess Hwy frustrating. That combined with miles of 60k and 80k limits due to the roadwork found me running a little (a lot?) behind schedule.

Roger took me down to meet the others - it was about 25 minutes later than planned and I felt really bad that all these strangers had been patiently waiting for me as the traffic built up with each minute. But not to be the last, a 911 came in just after we arrived. There seemed to be a lot of cars and people.

911.jpg (28117 bytes)The convoy pulled out and made its way down the Great Ocean Road to Wye River and did a U-Turn and went back to Lorne. Boy was it quick. I was following towards the rear and could see 944s, 911s 928s and a few other sporty marques doing what they were made for. I followed a C2 most of the way with Roger following me. It had a bit more go than me, but the corner speeds seemed similar and it provided a good tow for me. Later when it followed me I felt far less adventurous with no one showing the way - it was fun, but I'm no pace setter. It was a really nice handling car and it was good to see someone enjoying it.

944.jpg (17155 bytes)A great lunch was has at the Pier at Lorne and I met lots of fellow enthusiasts. Then before I knew it people were saying goodbyes and heading back to Geelong. Not getting down that way often I made the most of the day and excellent weather and continued on to Lavers Hill and then back via Colac through Geelong and on to Melbourne. Passing another few hundred cyclists, my round trip was about 540 km - and all of it fun.

fletchr.jpg (38347 bytes)I'd really like to thank Roger for the invite and thank the group for their patience in waiting for me. They all made me feel very welcome and I'd recommend that any Melbourne Sharksters join them on a run. It was great. I think there were 5 928s and most of them listers - so we could probably say it was a Frenzy?

Thanks again Roger and everyone for a great day.

pink928.jpg (45521 bytes)Jon '80 928 5speed (it's not pink - honest)