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I love my 928

I have had my '81 928S for longer than any other car I've owned, about ten years. I have spent more money on it (by far) than any other car I've owned but there is a definite excitement, like Xmas, when you get a genuine Porsche, 24 month warranty part in their very distinctive box.

I bought mine site unseen (personally) but had driven to Adelaide by an informed friend after having it checked by Hamilton's, now Porsche Cars Australia, which cost me $300+ back then. Still the best money I spent as they went as far as draining the diff oil to give a many page, detailed report so I knew exactly what I was getting.

Sadly its previous owners had not love it as I feel they should have but that has given me years of pleasure in returning it, as near as possible to the Stuttgart standard. During this time it has taken me over some 130,000km and at times very quickly.

One great pleasure is to take a 'first timer' (a 928 virgin) for a calm cruise at around 80kph on a good road, then ask your 928 to kick down (3 speed auto offcourse) to first. It jumps into its grunt range, plants their surprised head onto the restraint and just when their neck muscles are adjusting it changes into second as smooth as silk.

They generally say nothing for a moment!

There are other fast, even faster cars but it's hard to match the grace and style with which a 928 can blow away miles. My longest day was about 900km just stopping for a 'little' fuel on a trip though to Brisbane. Got to my motel as fresh as having driven quarter the distance in a lesser vehicle.

I would still like to trade up to a '90+ 928. More gadgets!! - Mike Kelly '81 928S Silver