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Frenzy 9 Debriefing

Hi all,

Firstly thanks to everyone for coming. In the words of the old fascist Samaranch, I'm inclined to say it was zee best Frenzy yet. Or equal best with Frenzy 2 around the Snowy. Just my opinion.

A couple of thoughts:

Firstly and most importantly, great to meet you all!

As predicted, my neck is sore. The video footage is 90% crap. I should have reviewed it and adjusted the camera more. No matter. The 10% will make a video, and highlights (e.g. Len's concept of what constitutes a 'fair start') will make it to Real Video.

> Hey - John, Rob, and Dean... are we being baited or is
> there some dis- information (= propaganda) being put
> about by the ...ummm.. LOSERS?

Far from it JC!
I will remind all that there were 5 NSW teams and 2 QLD teams. Both QLD teams made it onto the podium. I would not describe this as 'losers'. Luck plays a significant part in this type of kart racing. Engines explode. The grid line-up is just luck of the draw. Getting a fast one or a dog can be a lottery. People spin into you or punt you into the scenery (yes sorry 'bout that). Throttle opening cables don't ... (tough bikkies Frank). Skull duggery is not penalised. And most importantly, can you mix it with somebody half your weight? No, in all likelihood, you cannot. So, all credit to those who managed these factors as well as their sheer driving talent.

I was impressed by Olga's driving.

Initially a little slow, I suggested she should be flat out all the way from the left hand U-turn before the straight, all the way to the braking area before the flip flop at the end of the back straight. Next time out, she sure was doing just that! Slipping and sliding her light light frame around right hander at the end of the main straight, probably faster than I'd managed. When Mark told me before that she didn't have a drivers licence, I didn't realise what he really meant. What Mark meant was that she'd never driven a car before! So, in retrospect, an amazingly bold driver.

Just after Taree, was followed by a large bunch of Harleys. Stereotype wild beards, black helmets. Natalie took some digital snaps out the rear window, which they seemed to enjoy. One guy responded with some wild weaving. All good natured stuff. Then they all blasted past, single file, and very raucously. I was sorely tempted, and Jenny was surprised I just sat cruising along. Two minutes later, over a crest, there is the inevitable Highway Patrol radar car. Up ahead I can see 8 Harley riding line abreast... in one lane! They must have hit the anchors hard! Quite amusing.

Regards, Sturat 928S
(with formerly undisclosed Queensland heritage)