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Seventh NSW 928 Frenzy
3rd & 4th of Feb - Bathurst

Number seven was a very pleasant weekend frenzy indeed! The photos (courtesy of Mark and Olga Edwards) are up and look great! Thanks to all who participated!


  • David Silverstone: The Bathurst frenzy was a lot of fun! 

  • Theo Rigas: Thanks to everybody that could attend the frenzy, my wife and I had a great time and the overnight stay at the gest house was great. Well done Len and Jacky for organising it. Keen for the next one.

  • Tracey Jex: It was a great trip to Bathurst, thanks especially to Len and Jaq for organising the day and to the 12 others who attended and made the day so enjoyable. We both certainly enjoyed ourselves. Those who missed it will have to make a special effort for the next one.

After gathering/meeting/talking/leaving/breakfast-ing/and Glenn repairing Theo's fuel relay at Kurrajong, we headed out for Bathurst. Upon our arrival we just HAD to do a couple of runs up the Mt Panorama track.

On the top of the mountain there was a bitumen crew doing road repairs (or were they a road crew doing bitumen repairs?) as we approached them on the first 'lap' they politely flagged us down and notified us of a potential government officer of the law and his 'revenue device' hiding halfway down 'conrod straight' ... the BASTARD! =)

Sure enough as we tore down the straightaway at a blistering 60 kph, there, tucked behind a group of trees by a concrete barrier was young mister plod and his 'kermode-door' with the revenue device attached to the roof rack. On the second lap a number of the ladies took charge of the sharks and while my Jaq neared the officer of the 'leuwe' I suggested he might care to provide his services to our group as the PACE CAR and let us follow him around the track for another lap .. I'm glad to say he saw the funny side of this .. he proceeded to pack up his bags and revenue device and headed off for home.

Laps was followed by lunch at the Acropole restaurant. Hugo and Amanda, Tracey and Terese and David and Lynne sadly all had to return to Sydney that evening.

As for the rest of us, Mark, Olga, Theo, Megan, Jaq and I headed off to the Holmhurst Guest house to check in. This is a great location! .. we had a wonderful afternoon/evening sitting on the balcony watching the sun set over Bathurst .. followed by pizza (more incahol) and a movie! We discovered a couple of tapes .. and as Megan had never seen Aladdin .. it was agreed that we would watch it .. It was a fun evening all round.

Sunday, awoke to a beautifully warm day .. breakfast of fabulous country bacon and eggs with thick toast, good coffee and orange juice. We said our goodbyes to our host Ramona who suggested we visit her mother's herb farm on the way home. First I had to take another lap of the track. Lap 1 the reverse way followed by a brisker normal lap. A tour of the National Motor Museum ... (it's a museum!) then on our way out of Bathurst to Sofala.

A quick stop there, then on our way through Ilfourd and the search for the Herb Farm .. it came up (rather) quickly over a crest about 50k's down the road.

Lithgow for lunch and hamburgers with the lot (no beetroot!). Then back up the Bell's Line of road .. past another revenue patrol officer doing his mandatory 'blow into this bag sir' on the other side from us at Mt Vic. .. and home through the back roads.

I'd again like to thank all of you who participated on this run. Your company was exceptional (as usual) and I have to say I'm still to encounter a 928 owner I DON'T like! =)

Cheers, Leonard Zech - Webmaster, Frenzy Coordinator.
1985 928S, 4 Speed Automatic, Kristalgrünmetallic