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isn't she lovely?928 to Bunyan
The Canberra Gliding Club

My wife Jaq and I took up an invitation by Allan Armistead, Porsche driver and glider pilot, to travel to Bunyan, the home of the Canberra Gliding Club, around a one hour drive south of Canberra (Australia's Capital) and ten or so kilometres from Cooma. An annual weeklong wave camp had been organised and a number of pilots from around Australia were attending. Including a number from my old club the Adelaide Soaring Club.

We departed Sydney early for the four to five hour trip south. Ahead, a beautiful sunny and bright blue day serenely unfolded before us as we travelled down the Hume Highway. The landshark in cruise control, 310 German engineered horses galloping surely to the music of Tim Finn's latest album.

The road was surprisingly devoid of traffic and constabulary. They were, no doubt, somewhere tucking into their morning vegemite toast and coffee.

eager to be up Arriving at 10am we drove slowly through the entrance down the red dirt track towards the Clubhouse. Past a number of gleaming white tied down aircraft the 928 picked up more and more dust as we approached the Clubhouse.

fun fun fun People were quietly going about their assigned tasks setting up for another days soaring. 'Daily Inspecting' the gliders and wheeling yet more out of the hanger. Over by the 'Tug' yet more involved in secret men's business, fussing around the engine bay. As luck would have it I had just the right number of spare nylon ties in the 928 to assist in keeping the problem secure and the aircraft approved for flight.

can't wait Introductions all round .. too many names to remember. The daily briefing was held and the day's activities started.

There is something wonderful about participating in a club atmosphere. When members lend a hand or volunteer their strengths to assist it is nearly always going to return the favour in kind. A Gliding Club survives on the strength of its members, to show up and lend a hand on the field, to instruct new pupils or to provide their valuable time to sit in the tug and tow.

such a nice rear view The operations proceeded smoothly and the weather remained fine. Sadly our work commitments meant that we had to leave early and so after taking a few photos of the landshark next to the eagles, it was time to point the ponies home and return to Sydney.

We covered over eight hundred kilometres and I can't think of another car that I would rather do those kind of miles in. Many thanks to Allan for the kind invitation to visit and a big sloppy kiss and hug to my love Jaq who shared the driving.

Leonard Zech. '85 928 S

.. these are a few of my favourite things Glider waits for laucnh at Bunyan A good day to fly
928 at Bunyan Crystal Green at Bunyan
Pre-launch Take up slack Glider launch

  The following images are courtesy of Allan

Airborne at Bunyan tug into wave Airborne over Bunyan
iki looks for wave norm in wave iki looks for wave jantar at bunyan
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