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Braidwood Mini-Frenzy
10th August 2002

Three guys, three sharks and an open road. What a combination!

bmf01.jpg (48017 bytes)bmf02.jpg (44392 bytes)Creagh in his '91, Len in his '85 and Frank in his '83. We met at the Crossroads Hotel carpark on to the Hume Highway for a quick trip down the Hume highway to Goulburn. Stop because Frank is starving and Len had to spend a penny. Back road to Braidwood to visit Stuart Mollart (a very enthusiastic Stuart) a brave man ripping his motor out, repairing and putting it back in.

bmf09.jpg (48235 bytes)bmf10.jpg (47878 bytes)Viewed various components including pistons which had chunks broken off them. Learned that Stuart is making a photographic record of his odyssey for later compilation to be posted on the site.

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bmf16.jpg (47824 bytes)Lunch at a pub in Braidwood. Boy! They know how to feed you down there. Back in the cars and off to Bateman's Bay and up the Princes Highway to Berry where we stopped to see long time Landshark and frenzy members Peter and Robyn Mathew's. All too soon we were off again back on the road to Sydney.

600 kms plus at (ahem) cruising speed. I think we should all buy a Lotto ticket as in the whole day we must have only stopped at traffic lights around a dozen times.

Not bad for that distance. We left Sydney at approx 9.30am and made it back home by 8.34pm. All cars behaved. At one stage we were three abreast at a set of traffic lights. A spirited departure from the lights ensued and it went by years 1 the '91, 2 the '85, 3 the '83.

bmf17.jpg (48352 bytes)bmf15.jpg (46688 bytes)I would have to say that the work I have done on my '83 has turned it from a good car to a dream to drive. Nothing like sitting at 3000 rpm at night with the soft glow of instrument lights, open road and the almost indiscernible purr of the V8 doing what it does best.

All in all a terrific day. Thanks to the other guys for making it a great cruising day. Frank Nieuwenhuis '83 928S