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Sharksters may be glad to know ...

... that in a recent interview published in the November issue of 911 & Porsche World magazine Jurgen Barth, head of Porsche's customer sport department, and the man who in the last 30 years has probably driven more Porsche racing cars (and who has been instrumental in their development) than anyone else (according to 911 & Porsche) said ... (this is a literal transcript of the interview):

911 & Porsche: What about Porsche's road cars? You must have decided on some favourites over the years.

JB: A big favourite is the 928. When, like me, you drive long distances each year, you begin to see what a great car this is. I used to drive home from meetings at the FIA (International Automobile Federation) headquarters in Paris, and needless to say my personal record for that journey was in a 928.

911 & Porsche: Which variant of the 928 was this?

JB: It was the GTS. For me it was the perfect car. You had enough space, and it did everything you want it to. There is some of this thinking in the current road cars, though.

Those words, coming from someone like Mr. Ing. J. Barth are self explanatory of what a great car the 928 is. It is worthwhile reading the whole interview. Do not miss November issue of 911 & Porsche World.

Mark Edwards - 90 GT
(Original email to the rennlist from Juan Hormaechea - '93 GTS)