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Third Annual 928 Frenzy - USA
or .. how the Americans enjoy their Frenzy activities

Third Annual Frenzy - USA
Story by ED RUIZ Photos by BOB HOFMEKLER

CLICK for larger imageOver 130 participants brought over 75 928s from near and far to the Third Annual 928 Frenzy held at Auto Sportsystems Group (ASG) on 25th September '99.  Even the "White Car" was driven from Belmont, California for its east-coast debut.


This year's event featured several notable 928 expert speakers including, Mark Anderson (928 International), Kim Crumb (PCA's 928 model expert), Marc Thomas (DEVEK), and Dave Roberts (928 Specialists). The Frenzy tech session picked up where it left off last year with Kim Crumb discussing critical 928 systems. A round of questions & answers followed this discussion. My wounded GT (thanks to a Fairfax County Police Officer) served as prop for illustrative purposes.

In addition to discussions, there were several 928 vendors. As a plus, Tony Euganeo (Locksmith Services) showed up to cut hard to reproduce 928 keys. This year, I tried my hand as a vendor, selling a few model kits and die-casts of 928s, as well as some choice 928 parts.

Click for larger imageBefore too long it was time for lunch. I had ordered enough food and beverages for 150, but it was all devoured in record time. (Perhaps I should change the name of the event, as it seems to encourage shark-like behavior.) Soon after lunch, it was time for the photo shoot. This year, Pete Loedding was able to secure a lot with an adjacent building for maximum birds-eye-view coverage. Pete was able to gathered a group of 62 928s for the shoot. (Also, we weren't kicked off of the lot for climbing the building. Isn't that right Carlos?)

Click for larger imageAfter lunch, Mark Anderson enumerated many common failures/ problems that seem to affect older 928s. He and Marc Thomas then made suggestions of how we can avoid them, and repair/ replace them. In addition to Mark and Marc, Jeff Hudson of Mobil was there to answer questions about lubricants.

In addition to being a popular vendor, Larry Reynolds (Car Care Specialties) performed his car care cleaning magic on a participant's red 928. Also, just before the event wrapped up, several vendors provided terrific door prizes.

Click for larger imageI want to thank the folks at ASG for the use of their outstanding facility, and for their help in answering questions posed by the Frenzy participants. I thank all the vendors for their support of the event. Naturally, I thank all of the guest speakers for their contribution to the event, and for the time they spent answering the avalanche of questions. I want to thank all the volunteers, among them I especially thank Jimmie Davis (Registration), Ernie Porter (Registration & doughnuts), Pete Loedding, (Coffee and Photo shoot), and Bob Hofmekler (Photographer).

Last but not least, thanks to all that attended. I hope you had an enjoyable and enlightening event. Believe it or not, plans are already in the works for next year's 928 Frenzy. I hope to see all of you and new 928'ers then.

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~ Merry motoring ~

BTW, There was a 928 Frenzy reception at the Fairview Park Marriott Hotel the night before the 928 Frenzy tech session. I want to thank Matt Curry for his support of that well-attended reception.

Merry motoring, ~ Ed ~
928 Frenzy OD
928OC-IC Concours Chairman
PCA 928 Advocate & Registrar
928OC Founder & Trustee (Treasurer)
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