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Frank and Marita visit QLD

click for a larger ImageA big thanks to John Gill and John Cummings for putting in the time and effort to come down to Surfers and go for a jaunt up to Springbrook with myself and the Missus.  There is nothing like bottoming out to slow you down on a twisty road.

click for a larger ImageThe sight of three sharks parked by the side of the road was quite impressive.  JC need I remind you that the entrance is the one with the arrow pointing the way you are going.  Great company, great drive and great meal in the evening. Once again thanks to all.

click for a larger ImageAnother thank you to Rob Spary for taking out the time to see me and have a chat about sharks and plastic and the like.

click for a larger ImageNow for the Car.  Len it ran like a sewing machine.  In fact Marita was moved to make the comment "..I take back everything I have ever said about the car..".  Even in the extreme heat that we have been experiencing it never looked like getting hot.  I wouldn't say that about the occupants. Now what am I going to do about the Air-con now that it has run out of old gas?

click for a larger ImageOn the way back we drove non-stop from the Gold Coast at night, taking a few breaks to stretch legs etc.  Once again after almost 11 hrs of continuous running it felt like it could have gone on for another 24 hrs at high speed.  What a magnificent machine when it all works as it should.

Once again a big thank you to all of the Queenslanders.

Frank'N Furter and Furt-ress
'84 S

Well the potential Christmas Frenzy 11 group was finally eroded to THREE dedicated gung-ho, die-hard, never-say-die, break-through-or-break blah blah yaawwwnnnn ... blather blather... cars and couples.

So I suppose one could say that we had a circling rather than a full blooded frenzy, with Frank'N & Marita, John Gill & Lisa, and John C. with Julie M.

click for larger imageWent for a charge up to Springbrook road in time to catch a great lightning and thunder display at the top while we had coffee and watched a bunch of rainbow lorikeets eat the afternoon-tea cheesecake on our table.

Relatively short run but oh-so-scenic and a real fun road. The late afternoon view of the coast and nearby ranges after the thunderstorm had cleared was something else again. Followed by dinner at Woodcutters Inn at Mudgeeraba where the 'roo' on the menu was brilliant.

Seems to be always the same atmosphere when Sharksters get together.  Is it just me or do we 928 people seem to do more genuine all-round enjoying of our cars and the driving than our beetle brethren? Maybe I haven't been out with enough of them to know but the bit I have seen tells me that there just doesn't seem to be the same energy and enthusiasm in the mix of driving and socialising.

John C. '89 S4