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Mark's '81 Dungrocket

The story of how my 928 got its name goes like this;

CLICK HERE for a larger image of the DungrocketThe car was given to me a few months after my 17th birthday last year. On the first day of school a hot shot in his brand new Audi A4 was yelling at me to race. I knew the shark was a bit slow off the start so I told him that maybe I would sometime, but not then (I guess I had some idea that it would magically get off the liner quicker). 

Well, as luck would have it, later that day, I was on my way out to the University. The road out to it is a smooth, long and straight one, with two lanes going out to it, and two lanes coming from it. Anyway, I was just poking along and in my rear view mirror I see a black A4 weaving in and out of traffic. I knew who it was and waited for him to pull up next to me. 

As soon as he did, I knew it was on, and my freeway flyer had to do it's stuff. I dropped it into "2" to get some length on him and we both hit it. The shark's cry to redline was quite pleasing to the ear and I just smiled and waved as I popped it up to "3" and left him nothing to see but those big 7 letters that we all so love....it was a glorious day!!

The next day, the guy could think of nothing else to say to regain some of his lost pride, all he could say was, "you and that Sh*t rocket better be careful..." I just laughed.

(My buddies eventually came up with the more appropriate term..."Dungrocket".) - Take care, Mark Burnett '81 Dungrocket