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Customer Satisfaction

G'day all,

Vastly Impressed is the best way to describe my satisfaction with the level of customer support that I have received from Bendix Brakes over the past 4 days.

Follow the story below and you'll see why.......

Just before 5 p.m. last Friday, I contacted their Brake Advice call centre after discovering a foreign piece of metal in a Bendix disc brake pad which had damaged a front disc rotor.

The pads turned out to be standard compound Bendix pads fitted by the previous owner. I only worked out they might have been their pads from the BMXP code that was still visible on the back of one pad and figure the BM probably stood for Bendix Mintex

The piece of metal later turned out to be a 10mm (inside diameter) mild steel washer that somehow found itself mixed in with the friction material during the manufacturing process and was gradually becoming further exposed and cutting into the disc rotor.

As ghastly as this is, it could happen to any manufacturer and doesn't particularly bother me. I have relatives that spent many years in the auto brake industry and both said that the incidents of dissatisfaction with Bendix products is rare indeed.

Within ten minutes of a brief explanation of this surprise finding to the call centre, I received my first call from their Victorian State Manager to help sort out my problem. He called me as a result of the call centre not being able to immediately contact the Rep for my location and having promptly escalated the call.

'.. the impressive thing is that I did not even have to suggest that they sort it out in the first place. Their attitude has been very professional and positive right through..'

Over the next two hours, this guy made numerous calls through the industry in an attempt to obtain both new brake pads and new rotors for my car to get the problem resolved on Friday evening. He also kept me abreast of his progress throughout this process.

When I realised that the pads were standard compound I suggested that I would cover the difference between
those and their "Ultimate" pads.

He said that there would be no cost to me and that they would provide the Ultimates for both the front and rear brakes at no cost to ensure a matching set all round.

Having no joy at that late hour on a Friday (Porsche rotors and pads etc.), he sets about arranging for a set of Bendix "Ultimate" (High Performance Road/Racing Grade - metal and Kevlar 0 - 550 degree working range etc.) pads and DBA front rotors to be delivered ASAP to my home.

He called me to inform me of the progress by mid morning on Monday ensuring that I was agreeable to what he was arranging and again shortly thereafter with a confirmation of these arrangements having been set. I also received a call from DBA to ensure that the correct rotors were being shipped. The new rotors and were delivered to my home this afternoon and I have not long finished fitting the new front rotors and pads - front and rear.

After a spirited test drive this evening I am so far, also impressed with the progressive pedal feel & feedback, lack of noise and reduced braking distances that are apparent with the new pads.

If these new pads prove to be as good as the first impressions have shown I will be continuing to use Bendix brakes on my car in the future.

Yes I am aware that they are getting out of it cheaply (about $800 at retail) but the impressive thing is that I did not even have to suggest that they sort it out in the first place. Their attitude has been very professional and positive right through.

I have heard some bag Bendix products on the list and I wonder how much experience they have had with the products. Sounds to me like it's just the old cliché of Aussie products not being as good.

CLCIK HERE for the Bendix Home PageAnyway, what could have been expensive turned out to be a no cost upgrade, better brakes than before ('86S model with the S4 brakes as standard) and a great customer experience.

Happy sharking to you all - Rick Heaney, '86 Meteor Metallic Auto