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Rick Heaney
Report on Frenzy 10, Bright, Victoria

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Up early (even the kids) and off to the front of Ford HQ  to meet the rest of the Victorian Sharksters that were able to make it. (I'm sure I saw a couple of Ford senior execs looking enviously out of their window).

bobjodiendeb.jpg (42695 bytes)I had asked a couple of the others if this was to be a speed limit run and they said 'Of Course' and then backed away slowly with this really weird look on their faces :-).  Being the sedate drivers that we all are we of course kept to the assigned speed limits right across the whole weekend didn't we guys?  Guys .. where are you guys?

andrewnrog.jpg (39515 bytes)Many photo's and much chat later we were off up the Hume Freeway with stop off at the "Thongophone" (No Skinny Craig, that's not what Commissioner Gordon calls ThongMan on) and then off to Wangaratta.

As has been said by others, the sight of all those 928's was truly breathtaking. Whether lined up on the Freeways and highways, flowing around bends, driving through the main streets or being washed in the car park they just looked great.

crew1.jpg (63677 bytes)The winery, air museum and dinner were all excellent -  although the winery really should have pizza on the menu :-)

jamie1.jpg (34130 bytes)One interesting point was when we were travelling along at Shark Speed in a pack with me last in line when something looms large in the rear mirror. Lo and behold it was an orange and white 911 station wagon (Kombi Camper) and I don't think it was exactly as it came out of the factory.  It even handled the sweeping bends well.  Very impressive indeed! Can't say the same for the 7 series BMW driver (not 'Lightning Bob' in his awesome M5) who wanted to either upstage us or break up our running pack by putting his foot flat whilst being overtaken. He achieved neither!

Beautiful countryside all the way through the area around Bright. It didn't take long for the topic of running a little Bed and Breakfast place to come up as it tends to do when we journey to such a gorgeous location.

grant1.jpg (57261 bytes)As mentioned, the dinner at Poplars restaurant was tremendous.  Excellent service, great food and nice wine - especially the Mt Pleasant - and of course, the best of company to share it all with.

des4.jpg (40355 bytes)The next morning, Des and I took a leisurely drive :-) up and down Mt Buffalo with Roger and Steven as passengers.  Thanks for the tip about locking it in second down the mountain Steve. I was amazed at how 'chuckable' the car became, how little I had to use the brakes and how ferociously it stormed out of the bends. All at a maximum of 60 km/h too!

By the time we got to the bottom again you couldn't have wipe the smile off my face with an axe.

whitetails.jpg (58062 bytes)After breakfast we took a walk along the river and skipped rocks in the crystal clear water. The kids found a few frogs there too. Back across a swaying suspension bridge to the motel and it was time to get going again.

Our daughter Jordan remarked as we were cruising through the main street of Bright "This will be a real thrill for the people of this town won't it Dad?"  That's my Girl!

group7.jpg (112317 bytes)Off to Mt Beauty through some magnificent windy road with a well timed stop (a couple of wonky tummies) at a scenic look out for some photos then I took the lead and did think that I went a bit slower than before (Des) down to the fuel stop at Mt Beauty.

Thank you to the two very courteous Falcon wagon drivers (ten minutes apart) who both pulled across to the side of the road to let the line of 928's past - excellent road manners.

desnrick1.jpg (43764 bytes)A spirited run (as Tracey described it very well) across to Beechworth for a lunch before having to head off early to get home by five for some stuff we had to do.

group2.jpg (54062 bytes)Easy run down the Hume and home by 5:15 p.m. The beautiful weather has prompted me to get the air-conditioning serviced immediately.

For Interest - Avg. fuel consumption. Seymour - Mt Beauty (including Mt Buffalo) 13.6 litres/100km. Mt Beauty - home 12.2 litres/100km including the spirited running to Beechworth.

Thank you again Des for organising the Frenzy and to everybody for making it a fantastic weekend to remember. Roll on Frenzy 11.

rick2.jpg (53933 bytes)Regards,
Rick Heaney,
'86 S Meteor Metallic Auto.

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