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Amicale 928 meet



Sunday, the 1st of April, was a beautiful warm spring day in the fashion capital of the world, Paris. This was in stark contrast from the previous week where the thermometer in my Clio (a little French zing car) struggled to reach 6 degrees in the mid-morning. Start the zing, and of I went to meet with some of French 928 Club, Amicale. We were to meet at an indoor cart centre about 20km east of Paris.

I managed to navigate my way out of the centre of the capital and onto the periferique, a 10 lane ring road. As I began to make a gradual right hand turn in the slow lane doing about 120km/h, a perfect example of a silver 928S passed me in the next lane. I immediately thought ... I hope he's going to the same meeting ... Since he was going in the right direction, I thought I'd better try and keep up.

Down a couple of gears and gradually bring the speedo to 140, 150, 160, hey! Where is he? It was like trying to catch a jet fighter in a bi-plane. That red Bordeaux wine last night must have been stronger than I thought to affect my judgement to allow me to think that I could keep up.

About 10 minutes later, the silver shark passed me again, this time going in the opposite direction. Perhaps it was just a co-incidence. It was 10:30 as I arrive at the Carting Centre. I understand it is etiquette to be later, but there was no-one in sight. The place was closed and there weren't even any cars in the staff car park. Just a note on the gate directing the Club 928 to meet at the local Pizzeria. I waited a while then went to the Pizzeria. It was closed as well.

Close to lunch time-time to duck out and get a jambon and Camonberge Baguette. I returned a few hours later to find magnificent example of a 928 GT waiting outside the centre. Bonjour ... Bonjour. Vous cette Gregory? Oui oui!

amgp06.jpg (35147 bytes) It was Thierry Barb, organiser of the mini meeting. He had with him a list of about 5 or 6 names that were going to turn up. A quick exchange of vehicle details and we decided to wait for the rest at the Pizzeria.

Wow! I got a ride where the driver normally sits!

amgp01.jpg (40609 bytes)  Over some strong traditional French coffee, he proudly showed me some of his collection of articles and books on the 928. He meanwhile got a few calls. One guy couldn't come because he broke his leg, another was going to take advantage of the best day in ages to take his family to the beach (??) and one guy was on his way. We returned and soon met up with Olivier, the owner of another 1989 manual S4.

amgp02.jpg (36423 bytes) Yes! it is a manual S4. I was certain someone corrected me one day telling me that auto = S4, manual = GT. Not true according to these guys. But Olivier didn't bring his shark due to some minor problem. Another phone call. It was Benoit (pronounced ben-wha). He was my contact but had arrived earlier and left due to an engagement. It was his 1986 shark that dropped into warp speed on the French autoroute. He couldn't make it, but a few minutes latter, another 928 GT turned up. It was a beautiful 1991 5 speed. I just love that air-bag steering wheel.

amgp03.jpg (38256 bytes) Four 298 owners and two cars, the common link breaks down barriers of society, culture and even language. Just like our Cafe gatherings after club meetings in Sydney, we all spoke 928 for hours on end. We just forgot all about carting.

Time to depart. The link has been forged between friends from across the globe. Dam! I forgot half the 10 million Parisians were also coming home along the autoroute I was travelling on.

Hey! what's that? A car on fire! Well that explains some of the traffic. I made a ron-de-vous with Benoit for Thursday.

Greg Powzun 9ine2eight Dankelblau

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