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928 vs 996

For those who have yet to wallow in self pride, here are some snippets from "911 and Porsche" May 2000

The article starts by defining a GT car and states ...

"The Porsche 928 is one of the few. Traditionally, the 911 never was a GT, but is it now?" The comparison is between a 996 and a 1991 S4 (78,430 miles), both autos. "The 928 feels as solid as the day it left the factory. In fact, the engine might actually be at its peak."

The test is done in two stages, motorway and twisty bits.

"Once the first stretch of dual carriageway is insight, the V8 engine finally has the chance to shine."

"This is clearly the 928's natural habitat. At these higher speeds the car feels remarkably stable, the sharp steering still has reassuring weight, and the engine is spinning lazily and quietly at around 3600 rpm."

"There is a real sense of occasion when driving a 928, which is subtly different from that of the 911." .. after only a couple of hours, I was beginning to want a 928. Badly.

"The 928 only begins to feel like a 320 bhp car above 80 mph, when it begins to transform into something really impressive. At such speeds the 911 becomes susceptible to crosswinds, ... generally demands more of your attention. The front engined car, on the other hand, remains relaxed and quiet, seems little different in straight-line stability, and its steering now feels perfect.

Now for the twisty bits.

"The 911 was made for roads like these... The 928 will perform similar tricks, but with a different attitude. You feel as if you're forcing the car (928) to do something it would rather not. The 911 conversely comes alive with such treatment.

'Before long (in the 911) you are carried away in a tide of adrenalin and the 928 is gently receding in your mirrors. But after an hour or so of this, you are mentally exhausted and ready for a break.

But before you find a suitable hostelry, the 928 is again in your mirrors and carries right on after you stop, for its driver is still feeling fresh. He may not have reached quite the peak of exhilaration you did, but he is more than ready for another hour or two in the saddle at over 100mph.

"It is plain, therefore, that the 928 has all the qualities of a true GT, while the 911 has merely varying degrees of them overlaid on a sports car.

"(The 928) has the most comfortable interior, the better seats, the quietest manners plus a greater weight to smother whatever the road throws at it.

It is the best long distance Porsche ever; a car for which the vast empty spaces of Australia and the mid-west USA pose as little difficulty as the A1 from London to North Yorkshire on a rainy day.

928 Australia 2012