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Another fabulous run to Lorne
Lorne Frenzy

Talk about a co-incidence!

35? .. you've got to be kidding! I was taking my brother for a drive down to Lorne today and stopped to fill up before heading over the Westgate Bridge. Who should turn up but Pinky Jon, Des and Judy as well as Paul and Linda Gleeson and their two little ones. Lo and behold, they had all had the same idea. A drive to Lorne on this fine sunny day! So we all independently drove down through Geelong and happened to take the scenic and spirited route around via the Little River turn off. Great Road that!


'Puddles' Gleeson chats with BrianDes drove slowly through a puddle on the road's edge and I did the same. PG sees the puddle and carefully negotiates his way around it (at about 5 kph). Good one 'Puddles Gleeson'!



After 'Puddles' Gleeson entertained us with his cleanliness routine we continued into Geelong and met up with Roger, Brian, Grant and their families (or part there of) as well as Graeme who was flying Solo for the day. After stopping for a little while, I can say officially that Geelong is the coldest place on Earth or at least it seemed so that morning.

I had noticed on the way that Roger's car was sitting a little low on the driver's side which was explained by Roger's lovely wife Deb.

Who's there?'That's because Roger sits on that side and I sit on this side.'

Sorry Roger but that is a classic and had to be repeated.



Young Mr Holding then lead us through his fine city and out through Anglesea to the Great Ocean Road. What a Great Ocean Road it is too. The sea was glassy and the waves magnificent. Unfortunately the rest of the traffic didn't realise that the side of the road is there to let 928 drivers through. Anyway it gave us a chance to enjoy the scenery. Than at one point I commented to my brother, as Roger slowed substantially, 'There must be some good bits ahead, he is creating a gap to fill.' Sure enough, the pace picked up dramatically until we caught the traffic again. - Good work Roger.

What part of the view is better?

Into Lorne and a reminder of how special our cars are. The numbers of road side stares and open mouths as we drove through this gorgeous seaside township made the drive even better. Lunch at the restaurant on the Lorne Pier was excellent - even the kids liked it. Good food and a lovely atmosphere. The view was sensational with the almost Glass flat ocean to gaze upon on one side and a carpark with a bunch of shark on the other.

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928 - a fine way to met new friends
He said he went how fast?
Fine food Good service Great people
Even better than the cars
An excellent bunch of children
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Nice Ar*e eh?
Looks like an Aussie BBQ
Suave sophisticated Sharksters
Rick and Graeme

Leaving Lorne and heading up through Deans Marsh was a treat. Great road and very little traffic. "Where did you learn to drive like  this? Came the question. ... Answer? 'Video Games!' Having set up a simple sport shift on the auto, I was able to use the gear box like a sequential shift manual. You guys have got to try this - details to follow shortly.

I never tire of this scene

Back to the drive....

These things are unbelievable - just ask the guy in the new Statesman.

Question - What do you do when a pack of 928's snakes up behind you?

A. Pull over and let them through?

B. Let one or two go by at a time as you make room when you can?

C. Try and outpace them only to show how fruitless the effort really is. Then pull over and let them through like you should have done in the first place?

D. Surprise all by out driving the 928's and leaving them wondering why they didn't buy a Statesman?

Lock in 'C' .. thanks Eddie.

See .. No dirt! Good one 'Puddles'!What's that flash of black and white streaking past? Look it's a bird - it's a plane - No! It's 'Puddles' Gleeson! Man! Paul's RMB sounds good!!  ... and then ... why is he slowing down to a stop? Damn that Car Bra! Headlight cover Velcro doesn't stay down at *00 km/h does it Paul?


Back to Geelong for a coffee on the waterfront and the obligatory (and always enjoyable) discussions of specific curves, overtaking manoeuvres of the day etc. and then, like Des said, a nice gentle drive home. Heater on, roof open, relaxing sounds from the stereo and continuous smiles from the memories of another great FRENZY - there I said it.

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Damn fine machinery
Never did like wearing bras myself
Like a scene out of Batman
It's only open for show ... really!
Now that's a neat Totem pole
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No really! I did see a fish!
Say Cheese!
The respray was worth every cent
No! I'm not repainting mine Pink!
The shark pack at rest

On the way home after dropping my Brother off, some guy in his turbo rice burner tries to bait me at and between the lights for about  5 kilometres. I've had too good a day to bother. All I could do is giggle out loud at his Thumping Bass, Popping turbo waste gate, sunglasses at night and stupid hair ... When will they ever learn?

I must say that the whole day was excellent. As usual, great cars great roads and best of all great friends.

Regards, Rick Heaney. '86 Meteor Metallic Auto - Melbourne