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Where's Sharky?

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As a fun and novel idea to cover the bolt of an old mobile phone aerial, Robin Gray's pal 'Sharky' was purchased in Lorne, Victoria during the 25th Anniversary Frenzy to Adelaide in '02.

Neither Robin or I, as his passenger, ever imagined that this toy rubber shark would last the distance perched on top of his beautiful Burgundy '86 S'3' at any speed let alone (cough) highway speeds. However Sharky proved us wrong and soon became a legend amongst those attending the Frenzy.

Zoom forward in time to the '03 Coffs Harbour Frenzy. Sharky sitting pride of place on his usual perch. Unbeknownst to any of us, dastardly and cunning plans are set in motion. Next morning Robin returns to his 928 to discover Sharky is .. GONE!

Was it the kids hanging around the 928s'? Was it the security guards minding the Resort grounds, or could it be that Sharky was abducted by Teutonic Aliens? - Leonard Zech

Shrky in the USA - 6 images

Sharky(v2.0) in USA, 2008

Sharky at Wagga - 4 images

Wagga Wagga, NSW. At the '04 FrenzyInc. AGM.

Sharky at Werribee - 6 images

Sharky stops for a break in Weribee, on the way to Bacchus Marsh. Thanks to Jaime Drysdale.

Geelong, Victoria - 7 images

Geelong, Victoria. Thanks to Roger Holding

Holbrook, New South Wales - 3 images

Holbrook New South Wales,
on the way to the AAF'04

s_nsw03.jpg (118476 bytes)

Bathurst NSW, '03 24hr Race (1024x768)

s_nsw02.jpg (70683 bytes)

Bryan's visit from NT. Lunch at Darling Harbour.

Dusk, McMahon's Point NSW (1024x768)

Dusk, McMahon's Point, Sydney, NSW. (1024x768)


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