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Inaugural Perth Frenzy

waf1-02.jpg (53507 bytes) waf1-08.jpg (51142 bytes) Hi Len,

Wow, everyone had a great time at the first Perth Frenzy.

We were a bit worried at first, but in the end we had 13 cars and 28 people attending! All great people and all really complimentary of our efforts and fantastic choice of stops. Everyone even joined together in unison to congratulate us for a great day out.

I promoted the landshark site and said I would try to get some pictures up as soon as we can.

The weather was perfect, no clouds, although a little bright for the only digital camera I could get my hands on.

I will get some higher quality pics once I get my films processed (but this could take a while and I want to keep the interest up if possible). Some of the pics have been taken by me whilst driving, holding the camera out and pointing behind us.

I mentioned about the 25th Anniversary next November and I think we might be able to get a small group to come over!

Everyone was really eager and wanted to know when the next one will be - I think we might try for mid-February.

By the way, I received the stickers in the mail on Friday - perfect timing - they were greatly received (I was mobbed when I said I only had a few).

Thanks again for your fantastic support.

Gary & Mo Faas.
Perth, Western Australia.

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